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I'm a freelance shooting PD/AP and DoP, specialising in conservation, travel and science, drone, and long lens wildlife.

I own a FS7 and Inspire 1 drone (CAA PfCO).

With Amira, FS7, Red, Phantom, I'm able to produce stunning wildlife imagery as well as contemporary people-based pieces. 

I’m a relaxed, creative person, used to thinking on my feet, working in small teams or alone. Personable and conversational, I’ve been filming sync and wildlife for documentaries for 14 years, 10 as staff cameraman at the RSPB. Always up for a variety of challenges. I love the unpredictability of both wildlife and people, capturing the story unfurling in front of the camera.

I started my career at Anglia Survival. I have worked all over the world and am a confident and independent traveller, fully up to date with a range of exciting-sounding vaccines.


I really love adventure, being outside, practical problems, am an enthusistic sailor and love foot-tapping folk music.